Monday, January 23, 2012

Bathroom Revamp Part IV- Progess (sort of)

Well Mr. Mayhem and I were busy working away in the bathroom this weekend. First we primed the exposed drywall where the mirror is going to hang. I'm not sure why we did this, but it just didn't seem right to use mirror adhesive on naked drywall.You can also see that we screwed a small board to the wall. That is to help us adhere the mirror straight, where we want it, and give it support until the glue dries/frame is built around it.

Once the mirror was hung we took the wood down and put in the plastic clips for support. Those will be removed when we build the frame. We were going to leave the wood piece, but decided it would be in the way for the next step which is wallpaper and paint, so it came down.

We used the dining room table to cut strips the proper length. For example, from ceiling to floor was 8' so we cut the strips a few inches longer than that. Then, we rolled the strips backwards (paste side out) and submerged it in water (we used the bath tub.) We folded the pasted side together and let it sit for about 10 min. then we stuck it to the wall being very careful that it was perfectly straight. When it had dried some we cut all the excess off around the ceiling, windows, etc.

Here is an in progress photo. It is a bit hard to see but there is wall paper overhanging the window. We tried to cut with an exacto knife, and a scalpel like craft knife, but found that my rotary fabric cutter actually worked best. I had to get a new blade after because the old one was all gunked up with wallpaper paste.

Here is the first wall competed. I really love the texture.

We let the wall paper dry over night. The next morning we started painting and that is where things when down hill. Whoa! I was way off on my paint color selection. I usually have a good eye for picking paint colors so I'm not quite sure what happened.

Right now my bathroom looks like this....

I do not want to wake up in the morning to that. It is wayyyyyyy too bold and crazy. I wanted something more soft and spa like. It needs a second coat anyway so we decided to just mix in a bunch of white paint to the crazy blue that we have and see if we can't fix it the second time around. The plan is to paint it tonight. I'll keep you posted ;-)  You can see the cool linen-y texture in this picture better than in the picture of it white. Ignore the banana peel it is in no way related to this project.
Have you ever had a painting disaster? Picked a wrong color? How did you fix it?

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