Friday, January 13, 2012

Bathroom Revamp Part III--Roman Shades

     The first bathroom project is finished and installed! Hurray for new roman shades.


Here they are in the open position. Yes, we got some snow night before last, but sadly no snow day from school.

I made the roman shades using 1 yard of fabric, a mini blind set from Wal-mart, fabric glue, a glue gun and my sewing machine. (you can do a no sew version). I followed this tutorial from the blog She does it no-sew.

I cut the fabric to size and hemmed the edges. I did not hem the top and bottom because I knew I was going to hot glue it to the top and bottom of the mini-blinds. Then I removed all the mini-blind slats except 6. My window is 42" long so I decided I needed 7 6" slats. The bottom of the mini-blinds counted as one, so I left six other slats. (7x6=42)

Then I carefully glued the top, bottom and all the slats to the fabric every six inches making sure they were straight and even. I let it dry over night. The next day I hot glued the fabric around the top and the bottom of the mini-blinds. I did leave a bit of the top unglued, so I could slide it into the brackets to hold them up.

This is not really a complete tutorial follow this link if you want a more step-by-step how to for this project.

Well, the bathroom revamp is underway! Mr. Mayhem is doing some demo as I type. Stay tuned for updates! Any fun revamping happening at your place? Do share!


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  1. Just found your blog! I love what you are doing! Wish I could pop over for some girl time and a tour of your crafts

    1. Katy! Good to hear from you! Come on over and visit anytime. We can craft together! Love ya! Natalie

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