Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's behind the curtain?

Well folks this is not the post I was planning to write today, but my yarn eggs craft project and orange chicken recipe both flopped, so I'll tell you about the only successful thing that happened this weekend.

 I hung up this curtain panel in place of the door on the dining room closet.

Why did I do that? Well this is what is inside...

Yes, Ma'am (or sir, I just assume most of my readers are women) that is a NAS Drive, Xbox, wireless router, and Home Theater (HT) PC. It is dubbed the "Tech Closet." Mr. Mayhem was concerned with over heating problems if we left the door on, hence the curtain. After a long discussion about vents and fans and cutting holes in the wall, we decided that this was the best solution to the problem. Not my first design choice, but a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. You see the reason all of the tech ended up in that particular closet is because this is on the other side:

 I love LOVE having the TV wall mounted with no cords/plugs/wires it really is a thing of beauty. Mr. Mayhem is my HERO!

In case your wondering here is the hole in the closet:

And here is the whole behind the TV. (Sorry about the dust ;-))

I think the tech closet is one of the most fun parts of our house. All our movies and TV shows are stored on the hard drive and I can scroll through all the options on my phone and then press play (on my phone) and it shows up on the TV! I can't even begin to describe how Mr. Mayhem did it.

The point of this post is not the tech closet, but the curtain and the process that I went through to be ok with the curtain. You see Mr. Mayhem loves things to be practical and convenient. I want things to be beautiful and clean. One of the first fights of our marriage was about a set of screw drivers that we had gotten for our wedding.

 Mr. Mayhem wanted to mount them on the kitchen wall. I said absolutely not. We ended up finding a solution that suited us both: He wall mounted them inside a closet. We have moved several times since then, but  those very screw drivers are still wall mounted in a closet! In the end both Mr. Mayhem and I have learned to compromise and work hard to meet each others needs and wishes. He wants a sweet tech set up and if I'm honest, I do too, but not at the cost of cords and mess! So the curtain is my compromise, just like the keeping the tech (and screw drivers) in the closet is his.

The curtain is not so bad. I actually like the lattice pattern on it. The problem is the concept of a curtain in place of a door. It seems dorm-roomy to me...

Now if I could just get my sewing machine to cooperate with me long enough to get them hemmed!

Any of you have design feuds in your house?? How do you solve them?