Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bathroom Revamp Part VII--This is dragging out...

Well our weekend Minneapolis getaway was a success on many levels. We shopped, dined, hot tubbed, and ooed and ahhed our way through the Lion King, but most importantly we stopped by Ikea to pick up these adorable little storage baubles. LOVE!


For the hooks I was going to buy some "S" hooks from the hardware store and spray paint them with brushed nickel spray paint, but then, I was rummaging around in the basement and found these shower curtain hooks I already had! Score! They are more chrome that brushed nickel, but it works.

Here is a farther away picture. I also picked up that candle at Ikea. Not loving it, but maybe when I find some more cute stuff to put up there it will work as part of a vignette. If not is was only a $2 mistake, and it smells lovely. 

As you can see my cuties are still empty. Not sure what to put in them...I guess I should have thought that one through. Right now I am thinking of planting some cute little plants in there. Possibly some succulents or something. My cat loves to chew on plants though so I will have to think about it a bit more. I will definitely let you know what I decide. 

In other news my daffodils have sprouted!  I usually don't get to see them until March when they poke through the feet of snow that is on the ground, but this year we have had so little snow that I get to see them early!

Isn't it nice to see a little green outside! LOVE IT!!!

Maybe next time I'll have updates on the never ending mirror project. Mr. Mayhem was not satisfied with the coverage of the screw holes so we sanded the whole thing down and reapplied the wood filler. We need to sand and paint again now, but this week has been busy...maybe Friday we will work on it. :-)



  1. I hope you don't get a big freeze and it hurts your flowers- it's only February.

  2. I love the colors in your bathroom. They make everything very clean. Thanks for stopping by I'm your newest follower. Stop back any time.

  3. Love the storage bowls! I sure wish I had a green thumb, your daffodils are looking great so far! =)