Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bathroom Revamp Part VI- Mirror progress and rug

Don't think that I have forgotten about my promise of more bathroom revamp pictures. The mirror while not a hard project, is taking longer than I hoped. The frame is now in place. Hurray!

Now we are dealing with the cracks and screw holes...Blah! For some reason Mr. Mayhem insisted that the frame would not hang flat without the screws.


We used wood filler on all the holes and cracks so it looked like this...

Then we sanded it smooth, but we could still see the holes. So we put on another layer of wood filler.

Then it looked like this. We still have a bit more sanding to do and we have to paint, but we are in the home stretch. Since Mr. Mayhem and I both have Friday's off, we are hoping to knock it out tomorrow, but no promises! 

This is how the mirror currently looks. I can't wait until it's done! 

In other bathroom news, I have already been fickle and started changing things. The rug... I bought this nice white classic rug at target.  Nice, right?

Here's a close is super soft and plush!

But then the very next weekend I found this beauty at TJMaxx for just $5.99. I had orinigally wanted an orange rug, but couldn't find one. Of course right after I buy one and take all the tags off I find the perfect one. It looks a bit darker in this picture than it really is.

This close up is closer to its true color. I think the color is much more fun, and the scale is better for our teeny-tiny bathroom.

 So this weekend we are planning to finish the mirror (finally!) and we are taking a quick trip up to Minneapolis to see LION KING and go to Ikea and pick up these beauties. Remember them from my bathroom plan post?

Can't wait! Anything fun happening in your neck of the woods this weekend?


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  1. I got to see YOU this weekend- helped pick out the lovely Ikea decorations! Little sister mayhem is sad, she didn't get to Lion King though....