Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bathroom Revamp Part VIII- THE REVEAL!!!

Can you believe it! The bathroom project is finally done! Mr. Mayhem finished the mirror (and cleaned the bathroom) over the weekend while I was away visiting my grandma. Isn't he a sweetie! Get ready for LOT of pics! I would still like to add a few accessories to the top of the cabinet, but I haven't found anything in my price range that "speaks" to me so I'll just keep looking.

To refresh your memory here is the before picture. Untouched from the day we moved in. Yep, those grandma curtains came with the house.

Here is the after! YAY! 

Remember the ugly mirror clips and off centered light fixture? 

They are no more! They have been replaced by this beautiful framed mirror (actually the same mirror just turned and framed you can read about it here) and that pretty light from Ikea.  

Here is a close up of the mirror frame after all the filling, sanding, and painting. It is not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good. 


You might also remember the problematic towel drying situation.  

It has been remedied using a double shower curtain rod.  They are new towels too. They are the spa home collection from Target. Super plush and soft and very reasonably priced. They are made of bamboo. Who would have thought? In this picture you also get a sneak peak of the above the door shelf.


It adds a lot more storage space. Right now I just have the second set of towel sup there, but I'll probably get a cute basket or something to go on the other side. The only thing I didn't think through completely with this element is the fact that at 5'2" I can't reach it without a step stool or chair. Boo!  So, whatever I put up there will need to be things I don't need to get to everyday, or it will be really annoying.


The other added storage to the space is this little cabinet that we painted last fall. I removed the spindles from along the top and gave it some new hardware.  I decided to use the towel rack to hang some little ceramic containers. They could be used for storage, but I don't have anything that needs stored right now, so I'm going to plant some pretty little plants there.

Other small changes were made...

One of the biggest problems with the space was that the walls were very rough and uneven. We thought about re-drywalling or just hanging more drywall over, but decided to go the cheaper easier route and installed paintable wallpaper. It is thick so it hides cracks and rough patches. There are a few places where we can see unevenness, but overall it hides very well. Once we hung it, we let it dry and then painted it with regular latex paint. (You can read more about the process here.)

One of the most satisfying parts of the revamp was getting rid of that ugly floral curtain. I replaced it with this DIY roman shade. (read about it here) The whimsical swirls at a fun touch that keep the space from being too formal.

In review here are the before and after shots of the bathroom revamp. 

Feels so good to be done! Any projects wrapping up at your place? What is your secret to keeping white towels from getting dingy?

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  1. So bright and fresh! Love the blue walls! And where did you find those little containers that hang off the medicine cabinet! I love them! I have some galvanized pots that hang from my cabinet, but we have a lot of toothbrushes that need to be stored...

    Nice job!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The containers are from Ikea.
      Galvanized pots sound like a cute idea too!

  2. wow!! Love all the little things you changed as well as the big! Great how you used the same mirror - you'd never know it! :) You should be proud of all your hard work!!

  3. It looks great! Love the blue color and the double shower curtain!

  4. Nice work-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  5. all you did in here especially flipping and framing the mirror and the roman shade too. I'm in he process of redoing my bathroom too in a similar color. I bought a door framing kit and plan to use that to frame out my mirror....we shall see how that works out.

    1. I think the door framing kit sounds like a brilliant idea! I wish I would have thought of that. Good Luck!