Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

I have seen a lot of "pallet art" on pinterest and other blogs that I read. I wanted to jump on the band wagon, but I didn't have any old pallets laying around. I decided to improvise and ended up with this beauty!

I started with these old boards I found in the garage. They were left over from an old shelf that we took out of our house soon after we moved in. The shelf had been disassembled leaving these boards behind. 


That is where is got fun. I don't have any pictures of the process but basically. I sanded the boards to get all the white paint off and then Mr. Mayhem beat the snot out of them with a hammer, screw driver, saw ect. to get the worn look especially on the ends. Then I took them back and smoothed everything with the hand sander.

Since I'm baking a baby I was banned from the garage for  the staining and sealing part of the project. Basically 2-3 coats of dark walnut stain were applied. At that point I adhered the viney stickers. They are from a company called "Wall Designer Accents." I picked them up at Hobby Lobby for $8. The stickers were followed by two coats of water-based Polycrylic. The individual boards are held together by lath nailed to the back. 

The final product!

 It is hanging in our basement guest room. Which is an on-going work in progress. 


  1. love this!! I've been wanting the one that's going around on Pinterst that says "Bind my wandering heart to thee" :) yours turned out really cute!

  2. I love these!! I can't believe they started out as plain old boards, they easily look 50 years old now :)

  3. This really caught my eye on the Pinterest Challenge.
    It's really a great piece!
    Plus, you made me laugh.