Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Assemble the Minions!

Mr. Mayhem and I have a good design/house project partnership. I come up with the ideas and he executes. I usually help, but let's be honest, I am the big picture, visionary, and he is the detailed oriented practical one. Plus, my skills with power tools are not what they could be. So imagine my surprise when he declares that the nursery must be a "Despicable Me Minion" theme. What??? Themes are my territory, buddy! Back off.

While I think the minions are adorable I had three main problems with this theme:
1. I didn't come up with it. It was throwing off my normal design conception process.
2. I imagined gaudy yellow walls with crazy cartoon decals.
3. What if we are having a baby girl???

I tried to deter Mr. Mayhem in various ways. I brought up the gender conundrum. (we will find out the sex of the baby at the end of the month!) He said it was fine. Minions can be for girls or for boys. I don't love overly girly frills anyway so I said ok. Then I brought up the rug conundrum. The current rug in the room that will be the nursery will not match a minion theme. His reply: We'll buy a new rug! He gave me permission to go rug shopping! Be still my beating heart.

Current Area Rug
 So I sat down to one of the most challenging designs I have ever tackled. It was difficult because I have been dreaming about designing a nursery forever, and now I finally get to, and I want it be be wonderful, and I have to do it in the confines of a minion theme!

This is what I came up with...

I will probably not be buying any of the actual pieces in this picture except maybe that rug in a different color. This was just what I found on a google image search to get my ideas out. For example, that lamp is $400. I will post source information when I decide the actual (not dreaming) elements that will end up in the nursery.

Mr. Mayhem used my design to lay it out in a 3D model of the space.

I went with classic white furniture and grey walls to give it a neutral pallet. Then I will layer on more childlike accessories, colors, and  to liven up the space.The dresser will double as a changing table. Two reasons for that: space and a changing table can only be used for 2ish years then I would have to try and sell it. The dresser can be used for years to come. I would rather invest in longevity.

This is an earlier render with a different rug, but it shows the growth chart that Mr. Mayhem is going to make and the little minion mural.

So that is the plan so far. Obviously more color and accessories will be added, and I will keep you up-to-date along the whole journey!


  1. I think this is going to be so cute when finished! can't wait to see it!

  2. DH and I JUST agreed to do a Despicable Me themed nursery if we have a Boy and I am SUPER excited! Thanks for some ideas.

  3. I am having a minion themed nursery too. Love love love this.

  4. I am having a minion themed nursery too. Love love love this.