Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunroom Mirror

I made this mirror a year or so ago to hang in the sunroom. I used the bamboo slats from some old place mats that I was no longer using and a craft store mirror.  Mr. Mayhem attached some plywood and a hanging thingy to the back. 

I love the mirror, however after hanging for a couple seasons the color has all but faded away...

The color scheme in the sunroom in a lively mix of teal, lime green, and cobalt blue.

I decided to go with Rustoleum spray paint in the color "Key Lime."  What a difference! It is just the sunny pop of color that space needed.

I think outdoor decorating is fun because you don't have to take yourself so seriously.

What a fun color! Summer is on its way! We are expecting almost 80 degrees today. In March!? In Iowa?! Crazy!

Have you given new life to any old favorites with a little bit of spray paint? Any summer preperations or decorating happening? Do share!



  1. Wow. What a great color. I love it. And could you send some of that warm weather to the Pacific Northwest?? Maybe it would inspire me to spruce up our porch!

  2. What a fun color! Love your little sun room. I've been all about breathing new life into household decor recently. However, I've been using chalk paint instead of spray paint. I may just be the world's worst spray painter! I will post a lamp and shade redo later today.