Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aussie Outline

G'day Mates! In preparation for Mama Mayhem's birthday, I have created her a small gift...shhh don't tell. Earlier this year I was inspired to make a country outline of the Czech Republic to display in my house to remind me of the weeks Mr. Mayhem and I spent there teaching at an English and sports camp.

You can also see our model of the cathedral in Brno and Mr. Mayhem's Czech beer mug. (the vases have no connection to the Czech Republic)
Mama Mayhem has more a place in her heart for Australia having lived there for a year. So I decided it would be a charming reminder for her of her days spent down under to do an Australian outline.

The supplies I used + some tape I forgot to put in the picture.
Step one: Print off an outline picture of the country in the size you want. I printed two sizes and then picked the one I liked best. The canvas I used is 6x6".

Tape the outline to some contact paper and start cutting.

When you cut off the tape just use more to secure it and keep the paper and contact paper lined up.
Carefully position the contact paper on the canvas. At this point many people would measure, but I am more of an eyeballer so I just put it where it looked right.
Press the edges down to seal.
Paint carefully over the contact paper. I chose Mama Mayhem's favorite shade of blue.

At this point I would like to mention that in the Czech Republic version above I used spray paint and it was much more successful. This worked, but if you can, I would use spray paint.
Second coat.
 When the paint is dry carefully pull away the contact paper to reveal your beautiful design!
Tazmania was a little messed up from paint seeping under, but I fixed it with a bit of white paint and ended up with this finished product!

Happy crafting,

**Sorry the pictures are so dark; my craft room is in the dungeon.

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