Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby Mayhem has arrived!

Maximus Ryan
November 11, 2012
7lbs 9.9oz 20in

Looks like we finished up the nursery just in time. Two days after I posted the nursery reveal Max was born! It was 5 days before his due date. We were really surprised because I had it in my head that as a first time mom I was sure to go over due. Mr. Mayhem had a HUGE project going at work on the day of Max's birth. Luckily he had some great people who he had trained that could cover for him, so he didn't miss a thing. Before I went into labor we both joked, "the 11th would be the worst day for the baby to be born." Oops! Also it seems that my nesting takes a different form than most women. On the day I went into labor I was outside cleaning up all my flower beds for the winter. I guess instead of cleaning and organizing inside the house, I felt the need to get the yard ready for the little one. 

I started having contractions the night of the 10th around 10:30. We went to the hospital a little after midnight and I got my epidural around 2am. The nurses said that I should be pushing by 8am and have him by lunch. Things did not progress that way and after 20 hours of labor, the doctor suggested a C-section for three reasons: 1) he was face up and she couldn't turn him 2) he was crooked 3) he has a large head. The c-section went well, and we met our little boy at 7:06PM on the 11th. We are both in love, but healing from a c-section has not been much fun. I'll be back soon with more pictures of my favorite baby!


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