Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deck the Halls Part III--The Tree!

Well, folks the tree is up! Truth be told, it has been up for a couple weeks, but with finals, grading, and submitting grades, I haven't had time to blog about it. Mr. Mayhem and I love real Christmas trees, and we love the experience of cutting our own. This year we found a new Christmas tree farm in the area, and it was superb! Literally 1,000s of trees to choose from in a picturesque farm near a pond and some rolling hills. It was such a nice day that Mr. Mayhem and I perused for a while before selecting the perfect addition to our holiday decor.

Mr. Mayhem was worried about the tree being able to fit in the small corner where we planned to put the tree.
So I picked out a few small trees...

After browsing around for a while I finally fell in love with this one! It is a Canan Fir.

Mr. Mayhem started cutting it down, and I took a picture.

By the time I was done turning the camera off, the tree was down. He is a good lumber jack!

The tree guys had it shaken, wrapped, and strapped quicker than I could take a picture of, and we were ready to go!

When we got it home we put it in the stand...

and gave the bottom a little hair cut...

then we brought it inside

and decorated it!

I love whimsicle Christmas decorations. It adds to the magic of the season for me. The top hat, polka dots, and snow man tree skirt make a fun, beautiful tree.

I got new initial ornaments for Mr. Mayhem and I this year. 50% off at Hobby Lobby and so cute!

We have a few sentimental ornaments too. Like this one from our first Christmas together.

Well, I'm all set for Christmas. Just need a little snow! How about you? What type of tree do you prefer? Real/artificial? Do you cut it down yourself?

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